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The Story of Springs Culture


Before there was booch

In the fall of 2009, Springs Culture founder Janie Otero, was blindsided by a rare cancer diagnosis just one year after saying "I do" at the altar. There were no words to describe how she felt. When the doctors told her that she was diagnosed with mesothelioma, her entire world was flipped upside down. "I am not going down like this. This is NOT my story. It just can't be.." she told herself. The treatment protocol was toxic, intensive, and treated aggressively due to the nature of the disease. Despite being physically and emotionally beaten to a pulp, she held on to her inner fight and vowed, once she made it out of this, she would permanently change the way she lived. 

How it all started

In 2013, she began brewing organic kombucha as a means to help detoxify her body and improve her digestive health. It was introduced to her by a good friend in the 90's (back then it was called 'mushroom tea') and she believed that it was essential for kombucha to become an integral part of her healing process. Fast forward to 2019: Janie’s been brewing kombucha for six years, has physically and mentally transformed her life, and is gratefully a walking miracle.


Janie’s triumph over cancer undoubtedly reinforced the importance of celebrating this wonderful life. As a part of her healing process, without even realizing it, she created something that brought people together while granting others the opportunity to share their story. With that, Springs Culture Kombucha was born with the purpose of celebrating life, culture, and the people that define our community. The lively, active culture of Colorado Springs embodies our passion in celebrating life and is the perfect home for a kombucha that resonates with the appreciation for all living things.

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Our mission

Springs Culture Kombucha is committed to making the tastiest kombucha in Colorado Springs and while actively supporting individuals in our community that make an impact. We aim to do this by providing a platform for impact makers (we call them 'Culture Activists') to let their light shine and highlight what effect they have made in the local area. Our mission is to brew amazing kombucha that wakes up your tastes buds and connects your soul to this wonderful place we call home. 

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